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Overseas Shipping

Blue Shipping has a specialized team in designing and executing international maritime logistics projects for conventional or special cargo. Our network of international agents, present all aroud the world, enables us to cover the main maritime trade routes and this guarantees our customers the freedom to negotiate with the certainty that their efforts will not be frustrated.

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Airplane Shipping

Certified by the main entities of the segment, Blue Shipping offers its customers Certified Technical Capacity, Speed, Security and Competitive Tariffs as the main tools to ensure the air transportation of cargo in the globe.

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Cabotage is an alternative to integrate the supply chain of several sectors, contributing significantly to the environmental preservation, transferring the demand of road transport to the maritime one.

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Road Shipment

Cargo transportation is predominantly carried out with road vehicles called trucks which may have special characteristics and take other names.

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Acting in the market since 2002, and with a network of international agents, carefully and legally appointed, Blue Shipping do Brasil Ltda operates in the cargo handling sector and is engaged in making feasible logistical operations related to Foreign Trade activities.

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